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„Cut to Fit” & „Copy Cat”, (2010) meets OFF-SET/VER-SATZ, 2021-2024 

Installation consisting of the photo series OFF-SET/VER-SATZ and 
"Cut to Fit" & "Copy Cat" featuring 2 tailor-made suits made of painting canvas: Made in China, in the tailor shop of Mr. Chen Jian and his wife Ming Fang. As well as wool, a carved stick, carabiners, wall hooks, hemp ropes, barrier and climbing ropes.

Installation aus der Fotoserie OFF-SET/VER-SATZ und 
„Cut to Fit” &  „Copy Cat” bestehend aus 2 Maßanzügen aus Malleinen: Made in China, in der Schneiderei von Mister Chen Jian und seiner Frau Ming Fang. Sowie Wolle, einem geschnitzen Stock, Karabinern, Wandhaken, Hanfseilen, Absperr- und Kletterseilen.

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